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    International Scientific Conference (ENG)



    International Scientific Conference (in Slovenia):
    Sustainable food production and its logistics
    30th, 31th of October and 1st of September 2017
    Location: Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
    Dear colleagues.
    We would like to invite You to participate with your contributions (scientific Paper) on international scientific conference »Sustainable food production and its logistics«.
    The entire international event will be held from 30th of October to 1st of September 2017 in Gornja radgona (Slovenia) in the organization of educational institution GRM Novo mesto (Center of biotechnology and tourism), Research-Development Institut GRM and Landscape Governance College GRM.
    Besides international scientific part of the Conference, this conference presents an excellent opportunity to meet the biggest 55th AGRA Agricultural Food International Fair (http://www.pomurski-sejem.si/index.php/en/agra/about-agra-fair ), which will be held at the same dates in Gornja Radgona, because the conference will be at the same location as the fair. All the participants of the conference will have free entrance to the fair.
    Sustainable food supply and its logistics include environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable development, which are still crucial for the foreseeable future. These are the central themes of the international scientific conference.
    Please send your participation in the conference personally to the email: grm.institut@gmail.com, where to send your name and surname and the name of the institution/company from where you are coming from.
    Details about Paper Submission: The paper must be written in Slovenian, English or Russian. The Scientific Paper or Professional Paper should be at least 2,500 words and not exceed more than 5,000 words, including summary, 5 keywords and text. Please, use font Times New Roman 11 and Harvard method of citation. Send to an e-mail: grm.institut@gmail.com. The paper should be original scientific contribution and should correspond to the principle of scientific apparatus. Original scientific papers will be reviewed by a international peer review committee. After the conference Conference proceedings will be published.
    The possibility of publishing your Paper in Conference Proceeding with ISBN and UDK numbers, which will be released after the conference, are large, so You are invited to attend the conference by heart. With a good organization and international scientific and business participation, that are guaranteed, location of the Gornja Radgona for You can be an excellent opportunity to learn about the beauty and hospitality of north-eastern part of Slovenia, which is close to the Austrian and Hungarian border. With the conference You will be invited to the trips to Novo mesto and other interesting locations in in neighboring countries.
    More information via E-mail: grm.institut@gmail.com
    GRM NOVO MESTO - Center of biotechnology and tourism
    Tone Hrovat, Director
    Državna agrarna univerza Krasnoyarsk
    Predsednik Sibirskega logističnega združenja (Siberian Logistics association - Vicepresident)
    Prof. dr. Valery Lukinykh
    LINK to: Logistics in chain of food and the environment 2016 (conference report)